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We love JoomByte Hosting. Support is fast and efficient and these guys know Dolphin script which is a GREAT PLUS! We are very happy with JoomByte! Check them out!.

Un supporto veloce e Fantastico, finalmente dopo aver provato molti server per Dolphin ho trovato gentilezza e professionalità !! Anche se non conosco l’Inglese, con loro e un traduttore on-line è stato tutto semplice e veloce, esattamente quello che cercavo, un ringraziamento a tutti i tecnici che sono veri ANGELI !!!.



Knowledgeable Staff and Fast Support. Good hosting, we highly recommend. No complains!.



Fantastic Hosting for Dolphin! You won’t regret with Joombyte! .



Well, I have never been more impressed! I searched everywhere for a company to host my dolphin script and the rest of the boonex scripts. There are lots of companies out there. I signed up with a top top hosting company (not on the boonex list, but huge web 2.0 mag coverage). All I can say is that “1” sucked! Yes, they hosted great. But if you needed any support it just wasn’t there. In my opinion, part of hosting a server with root access is the support? Otherwise I would run it.



I use JoomByte and they have consitently provided quick and quality support. They have been able to thoroughly answer my questions.



JoomByte has bailed us out on numerous occasions and their support team is first rate in my book and I would highly recommend them anytime for Dolphin hosting.



Thank you for fast install and deployment of our Dolphin website. We appreciate it! Im actually on Host papa, Which is ok for the couple of forums im running and a couple of coppermine galleries, and although ive got a dolphin up and running on it i can see im going to need a new host for that. I just wondered though if i will have to start from scratch or can the work ive done on my dolphin be magically moved over to joombyte. Sounds and looks really good this joombyte, and im itching to sign up with them, so this thread as been really helpful.



At first, I was looking at their great package only w/o minding if support might not be good… To my surprise, as I ask support every now and then, they were able to respond promptly.. i would say, you’ll never regret hosting your script on them! GREAT HOSTING PACKAGE ! GREAT HOSTING SUPPORT! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND.



Thank you for fast install of our JomSocial website, deployment and all supports. We appreciate it!



JoomByte has awesome customer support!!!! I asked a lot of questions this week while setting up my site and they held my hand every step of the way. These guys are pros. Thank you Joombyte.



I would have to say that the is the best service that I have ever received from a hosting company. They went above and beyond to make my experience a great one. I will honestly never use another host. Fast setup and incredible support!



Joombyte is awesome.Their support is the fastest we`ve ever met and our website works more than perfect so far so good. !



Ive been with this company now for a while and i have to say they are just brilliant, not experienced any downtime at all, not even any slow periods. support is super fast too. dont know who has been giving out all these negative marks to these posts praising joombyte but i for one can tell you that it is’nt warranted. My only regret is that i cant find a host this good to host my non dolphin sites, because joombyte makes all the rest ive used look rubbish. ~ tyke I agree to tyke. I have 2 sites at joombyte. super fast, super support, super joombyte. Thx!



JoomByte just notified that RMS is now compatible with D7. I changed the setting they gave me, and all my previous troubles have been resolved. I have to give these guys credit here.

They saw the potential of D7, knew they needed to upgrade their RMS, and they did just that by RC2. What I really like is that they CONTACTED ME, I didnt have to hound them about it. Now THAT is service. These guys just absolutely freakin ROCK !! Sticking with them was definitely a great decision. THANKS JOOMBYTE.



Yep- they added D7 RMS support, and I really appreciated being notified, too. It’s working perfectly for our site now. ~ sbcjr

I decided to take the plunge in the Dolphin community a few months ago and I had a hard time deciding to which Dolphin host I was going to give my hard earned cash.

After reading quite a few posts in the Boonex forums on this matter, I decided to give Joombyte a chance.

I’ve been running websites for close to 10 years now, and have RARELY seen the level of professionalism Joombyte offers to it’s customers. Tickets are ALWAYS resolved in a timely fashion & the Tech Support team goes out of it’s way to help you out when a problem arises.

I’d recommend them to ANYONE that needs a good Dolphin hosting provider.



Let me start by saying that I switched to JoomByte from a different host, who decided to install some stuff that disabled some of my Mods, and I have to say it was the best thing I have ever done with my Dolphin site.

These guys have their sheet together and GOOD. In the rare case that I am having a problem with my site, there are on it FAST. They keep my posted with updates until the resolution, which is also very quick.

I could not recommend these guys enough if you ask me. Well actually, I have recommended them quite ofter here at Unity. You want a GREAT host, FAST site, EXCELLENT service??? Then JoomByte is the way to go. . Thx!



I have been watching Boonex folks working on D7 for quite sometime. I know the great efforts involved to put together such a great application in this magnitude because I’ve been there, done that. For the last 15yrs or so, I worked as a Developer, DBA, System Architect, you name it. Now since I paid my dues, I decided to run my own company at

However, watching D7 unfold led me set forth an action plan as to how I can use this great application effectively moving forward. As you know, a well structured application needs the proper tools & proper hardware in order to work efficiently. It defies the purpose to buy a Porche that runs with a Toyota engine if you know what I mean.

I spent a great deal of time researching a reliable Hosting company to host my Dolphin App. a company that not only has a solid & well designed infrastructure, but also a great support which is one of my priorities as well. Speaking from my own experience, had I not put my customers FIRST, I wouldn’t be running my own business 10yrs later & still do as we speak.

Having said that, I’ve contacted at least 5 companies from the Boonex hosting-list in hopes I can find a more cost-effective Web Hosting company and most importantly they have what it takes to host my Dolphin App reliably and with less headaches. I don’t need to display the names of all companies I contacted, but the one that came out on the top of my list deserves RECOGNITIONS for their OUTSTANDING support indeed.

This company is called JoomByte not only exhibits great expertise in installing Dolphin Apps, but they also offer a superb tech support. They will go beyond the duty call to help you jump start your Dolphin app. in no time – Here is why?

My Dolphin App was installed successfully on the same day they received the payment. I thought they will put me on their waiting list for at least two or three days..

I had some issues in retrieving my License Key from Boonex, I do understand that Boonex folks are so busy with their workload, I didn’t want to wait another day. I went ahead & opened a ticked with – I was astonished with their prompt response and most importantly, they fixed the problem for me which has nothing to do with JoomByte Dolphin App, but they helped me anyway and I was able to retrieve my App key.

I opened at least 5 tickets with (I don’t want to clutter this forum, but if you’d like to see them, please let me know) – every single issue was addressed properly and most importantly in a very reasonable time. Please note, couple of these tickets were Dolphin related questions, yet, they did not hesitate to point me on the right direction to resolve my problem. I actually, expected an answer such as: “please contact Boonex since this issue is App related & has nothing to do with JoomByte” – yeah, I’ve seen this type of responses quite of few times in the last few years in the IT business.

In short, I decided not only to host my Dolphin site with, but I am planning to refer all of my clients who are PHP based to since we only offer Coldfusion services as far as Web Hosting is concerned. I know for fact that my clients will not only be happy with JoomByte’s services, but it will also add value to my company’s good name & good reputation indeed.

So there you have it, I’ve done my homework & your homework for you!

I sincerely believe that has what it takes in terms if IT & their great tech support to serve your ongoing Dolphins App needs. I’ve been very happy with their services, give them a try. I will be more than happy to forward my conversations emails with to anybody who requests them to see for yourself. Actions speak volume than empty rhetoric!!

You are welcome to visit my site in about 2 week or so, it is up and running now, but I haven’t released it yet because I am still redesigning the look & feel of the site. The URL: which will be the first Moroccan social network that offers features such as Youtube, facebook, and flickers all combined potentially to over 30 million people in Morocco. For this reason, I had to take my time in choosing the right web hosting company which helps me scale up & grow when my site reaches its potential. I think big just as big as Facebook & beyond, otherwise, why bother getting into this business to begin with.


JoomByte is by far the best hosting for Dolphin. We have tried most of them suggested on Boonex’s page but JoomByte outranks them all by a mile. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable and 99% of support tickets get answered in less than 10 minutes. Other hosting I have tried took anyway from 4-24 hours just to answer a simple questions. What if there’s a critical issue YIKES!!!! Don’t let me even think about that!!!! When we purchased hosting with installation, we submitted a ticket for free installation and our site went online in less that 20 minutes. I mean WOW! WOW! WOW! Highly recommended – A+ for Dolphin Super Hosting



Being new to actually using Dolphin and having to get it managed for clients couple dwith the fact I am not a programmer of any description I owe a ton of thanks to Joombyte. They got us up and running in no time, explained it all when asked and have been nothing but fast efficient and great to deal with since day one.

Updates to tickets, resolutions to any problems we’re having, are dealt with in minutes, not hours or days. I’m happy, clients are happy and everything is working well. Having been working online for over 10 years I can honestly say Joombyte is by far one of the better companies I have dealt with. If you’re looking to host your Dolphin site, look here first. You may not have to go any further.



JHi, ive been webmaster for a while and have tried different servers, from good ones to worst , and is the first time i feel so good with this hosting, that much that i started only with an RMS plan with them, and now ive just upgraded to dolphin 100, and we did it in less than 4 hrs….

ive been in contact with support since yesterday, and im able to have almost a real time conversation with them, i have another 2 hosting servers wich i wont tell names, but with one of them i had an issue 30 hrs ago submited ticket and still no clue of them… i might change those domains to joombyte too……

well thanks to them for the service and to boonex community for the support and professionalism on it developments good luck



I recently moved to Joombyte, after chatting with many other hosts, Joombyte was the only one upfront with any limitation, which aren’t many. Once I signed up, they went to work, got my three sites over, assisted with file swapping after my dolphin upgrade to D7, and removed all the files I did not need that my past host had inserted for themselves. I probably contact them for some of the silliest things, but they reply quickly and always have an answer for me. I am more than happy to have switched to their service.



The Joombyte team is incredibly knowledgeable in hosting, but was really impressed with their support of Dolphin. Fast and efficient, and a willingness to go the extra mile. Fast response to tickets. The hosting solutions (hardware) is second to none. Highly recommend them.



We’ve just switched our site over to Joombyte and it was the best decision we’ve made. This is the most professional experienced group of people you will find.

Super fast response and smooth transitions.

Martin Global Incorporated.



I am actually on Host Monster, Which is ok for the couple of websites i’m running. I am planning to move to a hosting company that is suitable with D7. After reading too many forums and discussions about this subject, I found that Joombyte seems to be the hosting company that will give me the less headache.

I just wondered though if i will have to start from scratch or can the work I have done on my dolphin be moved over to Joombyte.

I would like you to specify the RMS service you provide.

Thank you for your utmost cooperation. Regards



Four hours ago, I realized that our current Dolphin host wasn’t going to cut it: understaffed, unresponsive, and buggy.

Within two hours of that important decision, I had all of my questions answered, was in direct contact with hosting support, and had the site up on a new domain.

Thanks go out to Rob in Hosting Support — he was a big help the whole way (well, almost: he didn’t slip me a promo code @ checkout! haha jk) and I’m looking forward to *not* calling-in that 30-day guarantee.



I am totally new to Dolphin and although I generally use another host for all my other non Dolphin sites, in this situation I decided to go with JoomByte. Why? Because I read and was advised by several developers that Dolphin hosting was critical to your success, so I did a check on several hosting companies, and from my gathered information and gut feeling I chose JoomByte.

It has been less then 2 days since my install and so far I have NO Regrets. Rob at JoomByte has been a consummate professional. Always responding to my emails and went beyond the call of duty yesterday to help me with what could have been a serious issue. I even mentioned to Rob if he ever actually goes to sleep; seems he is Always there helping customers.

I have a good feeling and I hope it always stays this way. I salute Rob and the staff of JoomByte. Oh, by the way they installed my software in a jiffy. I was up and running in hours. ~ presscon

I decided to open my Dolphin 7 site with JoomByte because of the positive reviews it has been receiving. So far, all were true and they are living up to their reputation. Rob and all the guys at JoomByte are truly helpful and responds quickly to issues and concerns. Highly recommended!.